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Why Own a DRIPBaR?

IV vitamin infusion therapy is one of the fastest growing health care services.
This is a cash-based business that gives semi-absentee owners what they want.
Our professionalized model has been built for scale through semi-absentee ownership.

The NUmbers

Investment and Opportunity

The DRIPBaR is an IV drip therapy franchise that offers some of the fastest growing health care services. Our cash-based business provides semi-absentee owners with everything they are looking for in a business opportunity in the health space. Backed by a winning business model, our franchise is easy to scale and offers prime locations and incredible corporate support.

$136.5k - $338.3k
Total Start Up Cost
Gross Revenue*
Locatioins in Development

*Reference Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document

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Our Story

Have you ever wondered how healthy your cells are? If you’re like most people, probably not, but science says you should! These days, we’re seeing incredible breakthroughs in the emerging landscape of cellular health – the concept that the quality of our health depends on how well the cells in our body are functioning. So we wanted to offer our clients a new level of healthcare. We wanted to go straight to the source – feed their cells. Through our IV drip cocktails and specialized treatments, the DRIPBaR is harnessing advances in cellular health and delivering individualized treatment for overall health and well-being.

With its capacity to bypass the gut and deliver super doses of vitamins and supplements directly through the vein, IV therapy represents the opportunity to achieve a new level of health and vitality. The research and development team at the DRIPBaR are constantly conceiving of and developing new treatments. By combining research in cellular medicine with clinical experience, they are developing treatments with the goal of helping our clients live healthier lives. Our clients bear witness to the results as they share their experience with others, and return to continue receiving the benefits they have gained.

Change rarely comes without some discomfort, and new approaches are usually met with initial resistance. As intellectual innovators in the healthcare arena, we have withstood our share of public conversation and criticism. We don’t shy away from it. We feel that criticism helps shine a light on the change that’s coming. We have dealt with that and have emerged on the other side, stronger than ever, and more committed to helping people live their best lives.

By virtue of being a DRIPBaR Franchisee, you will have the benefit of our full support and ongoing assistance as we work to help contribute towards the future of our industry.

“Through our IV Drip Cocktails and specialized treatments, THE DRIPBaR is harnessing advances in cellular health and delivering individualized treatment for overall health and well-being.”

THE DRIPBaR was recently awarded The 2020 Award Eagle by the Franchise Consulting Company in recognition of amazing franchise accomplishments on a national level!

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